Oboe Lessons


I now offer ONLINE, LIVE Oboe lessons to INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED Players. These are conducted just as a normal “one on one” lesson is done, except for the fact that YOU are in front of your OWN computer. Is this experimental? No, not really. Many of us already possess the necessary equipment for online lessons. If you have access to a REAL, LIVE oboe teacher, then by all means go get in your car and take lessons, but if you are very far from large cities, or as some of my customers are.. on a small island, then this might be for y 

You will need a few things, and they are very important. 1. A FAST internet connection such as a cable modem or FIOS as I have.  Dialup will NOT Work! 2. A microphone at your end. 3. A good webcam. I have one that is about $100 and is VERY good. 4. Free SKYPE software. Go to www.skype.com and download for your particular type of computer. Either PC or Mac will work fine.

I accept credit cards for lesson payment BEFORE the lesson begins. Our FIRST lesson is a Short FREE lesson to work out the “BUGS” and to test the system. Any Internet “problems” during a lesson with be taken into account and NOT charged. Group lessons are possible for an entire oboe section in a school band or orchestra All instruction books and reeds are your responsibility. For students under 18, I would request that an adult be present. I will do any amount of lessons. Perhaps you just need a “Check Up” lesson and are an adult. Great! Sounds like fun!

Please be aware that my lesson times are limited due to all the reedmaking I must do with The Reedmaker Reed Shop. Also, beginning Oboe players need a LIVE teacher. Online teaching is impossible with beginning players due to the difficulty of the instrument and oboe reeds.
If you would like more information, or to set up a lesson, please email or call me at the numbers listed on the left. A full discussion on Online Oboe lessons is found in the Spring 2009 edition of the IDRS Journal.

Customer Reviews

I am absolutely thrilled with this reed! I had to play with my community band this past weekend for Memorial Day and in a rush grabbed your reed without trying it. The response was amazing!. It is EXACTLY what I play on. Perfect strength, quality sound and ease of playing! Thank you so much! I found my reedmaker!

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