Oboe Reed Wrapping Machine
I now sell an Oboe Reed Wrapping Machine. This is the same machine that Mr. Bill Roscoe has sold for many years. With his permission, I now sell these fine machines. If you are a young reedmaker, these are NOT for you! You need to learn to wrap traditionally first. However, professionals and teachers will find great use out of this machine.
Press the Videos below to see the components of the setup and then a demonstration of the machine in use. I have wrapped THOUSANDS of reeds in this fashion. The sides close and it is a pretty tie! Use your own string, shape and staples for the best and QUICKEST ties you have ever had! Note: US Voltage Only ( 120V 60 Cycle )
Wrapping Machine Parts Video
Reed Wrapping Demo

Oboe Reed Wrapping Machine
Oboe Reed Wrapping Machine
(Shipping included via US Mail)