Reedmaker Video Collection

Reedmaker Interview

An interview by a Television/Video crew


Reedmaker Reed Shop

Squeeze Down

Oboe Reeds that are just a bit too hard can be Squeezed down. This Video shows you how!

Oboe Knot Tying

Tying the Oboe Reed Knot in Reedmaking

Adjusting Oboe Cane Thickness Gauge

Adjusting a Dial Thickness Gauge for exact cane measurements

Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

Reedmaking 1

Oboe Reedmaking Step 1 in the Series

Reedmaking 2

Oboe Reedmaking Step 2 in the Series

Reedmaking 3

Oboe Reedmaking 3 in the Series

Reedmaking Close Up

Oboe Reedmaking from See all my videos on this subject on youtube and my website.

Oboe Reed in Side of Mouth

Oboe Reed Testing

Wrapping Machine Parts

Reedmaker Reed Shop

Wrapping Machine Demo

Reedmaker Reed Shop

Online Lesson Demo

Reedmaker Reed Shop Online Lesson Demonstration